Sam Neill says the appeal of ‘Jurassic Park’ has nothing to do with dinosaurs

Not to come right out and state the obvious, but the unifying theme of the Jurassic Park franchise

hasn’t been the cast, crew, setting, location, story, or set pieces, all of which have been mixed up with each and every installment.

It’s the dinosaurs. Always has been, and always will be, especially if the series continues after Dominion.

However, Sam Neill doesn’t think it’s quite as simple as that.

He’s in a better position than most to speak out on the merits of the sci-fi fantasy blockbusters given

that he’s appeared in half of them stretched out across 30 years,

with the veteran actor revealing to SMH that he believes the

property’s enduring popularity has very little to do with scaly prehistoric beasts.

They most definitely are dinosaur movies, but you can understand what Neill is getting at.