Ryan Reynolds' message of support for Newcastle heart surgery teen

Ivan Hollingsworth tweeted the Deadpool star on behalf of son Seb,

who is being treated at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

"How do we get a MarvelStudios Superhero to send a message to our Heart Hero Seb?" he asked.

Reynolds replied, before recording a video message which was played to Seb in his hospital bed.

The teenager is a fan of the actor and has a poster of his Deadpool character in his bedroom.

Seb was born with a congenital heart defect which required life-saving surgery when he was just 16 weeks old.

Before Christmas his family found out he would require more

intervention and on Monday he underwent major open-heart surgery.

In the video, Reynolds can be heard saying: "You can call me Deadpool, call me Green Lantern, call me anything you like!