Robert Downey Jr’s blue-haired new look divides fans: ‘What happened to Iron Man?’

Actor Robert Downey Jr debuted his new short-cropped blue hair look in a recent video that he shared on social media.

Downey took to Twitter to share a fun video of his son’s Malibu Little League team winning the AAA championship.

The actor panned his camera towards the scoreboard, and then pointed it at himself, revealing his new hairdo.

He added a selfie with wife Susan Downey in a follow-up tweet.

“Congrats are in order for the Malibu Little League 2022 AAA champs! Big thanks to Coach Alfano, Coach Sullivan and Coach Mark.

Dodgers brought the heat!!” he wrote.

Downey often shows off his colourful appearances on social media.

He has previously dressed up as the Easter bunny, a pinata, and Tigger.

But on the big screen, he’s probably best known as Tony Stark/Iron Man.