Restful’ Prince Harry ready to ‘bear the dreadful’ past

Prince Harry is reportedly ‘growing tired’ of hiding the dreadful past and is ready

for some ‘mud slinging’ against the people that made his status as a spare to the heir seem ‘cumbersome’.

Royal biographer and author of Harry: Conversations with the Prince, made this claim in her new book.

The writer addressed the growing ‘poison’ Prince Harry seems to be boiling underneath.

Ms Levin even went as far as to claim, “He’s now so bitter and resentful that he will

say what he really feels and see things that he accepted years ago as now being really dreadful.”

I think he really wants to show his power over William

because he was fed up with being the spare rather than the heir –“

Before concluding she added, “I think he’s got a lot of poison in his blood now