Ray Liotta Had Trouble Shooting FIELD OF DREAMS and Never Did See the Film for a Personal Reason

Actor Ray Liotta played a number of iconic roles

and as we grieve the loss of him this week, we look back at one of his great roles

as Shoeless Joe Jackson in the fantastic film Field of Dreams.

A couple of years ago, Liotta spoke of his most well-known roles in an interview with GQ,

and he talked about the trouble he had shooting the film, which he incidentally never saw.

First of all, Liotta almost didn’t take the part. As you can imagine, the script was a little confusing for the actor.

While it turned out to be a beautiful story about a man being able to reconnect with his dead father,

the story was hard for Liotta to grasp at first. He explained:

When in doubt, a group of impressive co-stars is a solid reason to take the role.