'Radical' Kate Middleton ‘moving the dial’ of modern monarchy on social media

Kate Middleton has been lauded for not only ‘revolutionising’ the Royal Family’s

social media presence, but also for ‘moving the dial’ in a more radical direction, as per a royal expert.

After it was revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge was personally commissioned

by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, to photograph her for a magazine cover, expert

Daniela Elser commented how Kate’s social media game and prowess has always been ahead of time.

Elser was quoted by The Daily Star as saying that Kate seemed to take on a more

‘radical’ approach to social media to ensure that the monarchy stays relevant.

As per Elser: ‘While the eyes of the world were by and large glued to the Harry and

Meghan Show, Kate has been revolutionising the royal social media game.