Queen would not have 'been pleased' with Boris Johnson and disliked him 'misremembering'

Her Majesty has held audiences with 14 Prime Ministers during her 70 years on the

throne, with Winston Churchill being the first in the early 1950s. Few perhaps have

been as colourful as Boris Johnson, who had to apologise to the monarch for partying

the night before Prince Philip's funeral when strict social distancing rules were still in place.

Despite this royal expert Ingrid Seward told The Daily Mirror that the sovereign would

have a degree of “sympathy” for Mr Johnson and be “amused” by his “customary banter”.

She said: "The Queen has to be above politics.

She is expected to remain politically neutral and although her meetings with her

14th Prime Minister, Boris Johnson have mostly been conducted by weekly phone calls, certain political difficulties can still arise.