Queen updates job description with 'official note' tipping Prince Charles for regency

Officials have reviewed the Queen’s official duties and, due to her mobility struggles,

have removed some of the work she was previously expected to undertake. The 96-

year-old's updated job description has tipped Prince Charles's role of regency in the

led up to his pending role as King. Speaking on the latest episode of Royal Beat, royal

experts discussed the official change to the Queen's duties and within the monarchy.

Host Kate Thornton said: "Until now, the palace seems to have responded on an ad-

hoc case-by-case basis", however she stated that last week's Sovereign Grant report "changed that".

She added: "For the first time in a decade, the Queen's job description has officially been redefined.

"The report reference for the Queen's programme of engagements has been swapped for a broader reference to, quote, visits in royal programmes".