Queen should 'step down' as her duties scaled back after health fears

An anti-monarchy group Republic has been asking the Queen to abolish the

monarchy after Buckingham palace reduced Her Majesty’s ‘official duties’.

Amidst the mobility issues, the Monarch’s duties no longer include taking part in

the State Opening of Parliament which was previously considered necessary by “constitutional convention”.

Taking to Twitter, Republic said that the “head of state changes our constitution to

suit her changing needs” while adding, “If The Queen is unable to carry on, she should step down. Abolish the monarchy.”

In a scathing Tweet, David Head wrote, “Time to step down. The UK can't make do with a part-time head of state.”

In another post, Dermot Wickham wrote, “Please make Charles regent and let

Elizabeth see out her final years with dignity and end the continual speculation about her health.”