Queen 'health crisis' forces Palace to make 'startling admission' on monarch's future

Columnist Daniela Elser made the comments following the 96-year-old monarch's

role being rewritten and scaled back by Buckingham Palace.

Ms Elser said the move was a "startling admission about the Queen’s future".

she said: "The 96-year-old is no longer up to the same job she has done for the last seven decades.

This is the first time since her health crisis began in October

last year that the palace has explicitly admitted that Her Majesty can no longer do her full job.

Moreover, what the palace has just done is admit that things

are never likely going back to the way they once were for Her Majesty."

Ms Elser said the Queen's episodic mobility issues "clearly prevent her from physically undertaking her duties as sovereign as she once could".