Queen Elizabeth’s Palace under siege amid multiple break-ins

Queen Elizabeth’s Palace is currently hit with a string of break-ins by a myriad of intruders.

District judge Briony Clarke spoke of the current string of break-ins within Buckingham Palace.

For those unversed with the issue, mentally unwell 33-year-old Daniel Brydges damaged a

barbed wire fence that “belongs to the Queen’s Estate” near St James’s Park and even

breached the perimeter near the Queen’s property.

According to MailOnline, the perpetrator is set to appear in front of the court on October 12th.

Clarke also addressed the upcoming “fact-finding” hearing and claimed, “You have

pleaded not guilty to these matters and there has to be a hearing.”

“I do not know at this stage whether that will be a trial or an act or omission hearing.”