Queen Elizabeth's Famous Monochromatic Outfits Have A Deep Meaning

Queen Elizabeth may have taken a step back from attending public engagements due to

mobility problems. But the times she has appeared at important events like the recent

Platinum Jubilee, the queen has continued to embrace her very monochromatic wardrobe.

Her Majesty's love of bright colors has certainly garnered plenty of attention throughout

her reign, which began in the early 1980s when her eldest son Prince Charles married Diana Spencer

On that special occasion, the queen wore a monochromatic light blue dress made by her

dressmaker Ian Thomas. As Royal Central notes, the monarch would continue to wear

varying shades of blue and purple to her children's weddings. But it was the 1990s that

truly heralded her penchant for a monochromatic outfit, according to Insider, and the queen hasn't looked back since.