ProgPower USA XXI: Day Two Recap

Absence has a unique way of making the heart grow fonder, and the opening

evening of 2022's ProgPower USA festival was treated with the level of elation that

one would expect from an audience that had seen two years of delays in getting their auditory fix.

One could rightly assume that the task afforded to MindMaze, Klone, Flotsam And Jetsam and

first night headliner Hypocrisy was unenviable, given that it fell to them to shake

the proverbial cobwebs from the crowd's ears and be the first word in a de facto

resurrection of the live metal scene after nearly 730 days of death.

With the results being an absolute blowout, one might similarly see an even greater challenge

befalling the expanding lineup of bands taking the stage on the second evening given how high the bar has been set.