Princess Royal Anne and the Family Arrive at Epsom Derby

Princess Anne took her mother Queen Elizabeth II's place at the Epsom Derby Platinum Jubilee event

The Epsom Derby, one of the largest and most significant U.K. sporting events,

is always a big day for the queen as well as many other royals who have attended, from Princess Diana to Prince Philip.

However, this year is the third time during her historic reign that the queen has been forced to miss it.

And we know this must have been painful as she loves the world of horses and racing.

The queen though is enjoying all the fun without the fuss back home at Windsor Castle

watching on a big screen, and, of course, she has been graced with a special program.

Although she does not have any of her own personal horses running this year,

she is, I am told, "really excited that the event is back to full form after the COVID setbacks of the last few years."