Princess Diana Was Shocked by How Many Suitcases Prince Charles Brought on Trips

After she married Prince Charles, Princess Diana revealed that there were quite a few things

about royal life that really surprised her. Many of those things had to do with the

Prince of Wales including the way he traveled, which is a topic that’s still discussed these days.

Here’s more on the odd items Charles brings along on trips and why his suitcases have to be color-coded.

The Princess of Wales spoke about her astonishment at just how much luggage Charles took on

trips in her secretly recorded audio tapes to Andrew Morton for the biography DianaHer True Story in Her Own Words.

Because the prince brings so many bags and suitcases with him

when he travels, his handlers keep track of what goes where and when by using a color code.

According to Hello! a blue-colored label on a suitcase will indicate that it’s wanted on the aircraft