Princess Beatrice pays touching compliment to Queen Elizabeth - 'Very lucky she's my granny'

PRINCESS BEATRICE was overheard paying a touching compliment to her grandmother the Queen while celebrating the Platinum Jubilee last weekend.

The Princess was attending the Big Jubilee Lunch in London with her sister

Princess Eugenie when she had a sweet interaction with a member of the public.

The moment was shared on TikTok by user royalfamilyfanpage5 and has received 170,000 likes and been viewed over 2.2 million times.

Beatrice then responds: “My name’s Beatrice and the Queen is my granny.”

The woman then continues: “You’re one of the royalties? Which relation are you?”

Beatrice takes the woman by the hand while she answers: “Yes, she’s my granny.”

When asked “Oh, aren’t you lucky?”, the Princess replies, “yes, she’s my granny. I’m very very lucky.”

This is not the first time that Princess Beatrice has heaped praise on her grandmother, who celebrates 70 years on the throne this year.