Prince Harry sent three-year warning by top surgeon as Duke's hair 'receding at speed'

In just three years, the Duke of Sussex may face the same fate as his older brother,

Prince William, unless he undergoes hair transplant surgery to save his auburn locks, Dr Manish Mittal claimed.

Speaking about the Prince's hair, Dr Mittal said: “At the speed it’s receding,

it is likely that Harry will be completely bald in two years, certainly by the time he’s 40.”

Prince Harry spoke about his thinning hair earlier this year when he attended the Invictus Games.

The balding Duke chatted to Dutch athlete Bart van der Burg,

who was having makeup applied to his forehead.

Harry said: "Oh you’ve got a lot more to be done there".

In response, Harry quipped that it was “not going to take a long time before I am" while speaking of his own thinning hair.