Prince Harry ‘now regretting’ huge ‘gamble’ with Meghan Markle

Royal experts warn Prince Harry has started to almost ‘rethink’ the gamble he took

with Meghan Markle and is beginning to get ‘second thoughts as well as regrets’.

This revelation has been shared by royal author Duncan Larcombe, in one of his interviews with Closer magazine.

Mr. Larcombe began his admission by pointing out, “[Prince Harry] seems homesick to me.”

“Harry’s suddenly playing polo again and drinking with his new friends — all things he used to enjoy doing in the UK.”

While “Meghan is cheering him on on the sidelines, helping create this perfect LA

life for him to justify what he’s given up in the UK.

But something doesn’t seem to sit right. Harry looks unhappy.”

“He is living out there in self-imposed exile and Harry is a very sociable person.