Prince Charles reportedly made nearly $28 million in the past year

It might be Queen Elizabeth's year to celebrate her 70th work anniversary with the

country, but it's her son that's sitting pretty financially. According to the Daily Mail, Prince

Charles yearly earnings for 2021 totaled to £23 million (nearly $28 million). That's a whole lot of tea and crumpets, my friend. 

The number for Prince Charles' net worth is not exactly the easiest to determine. 

 The yearly amount for the royal family members comes from a mixture of grants, 

personal and public residences, and inheritances, according to Good to Know. 

While all of that is public information because the royal family work for the public, it's not an exact science. 

The spike in Charles' net worth is attributed to the "bounce-back from the pandemic," according to the Daily Mail. 

This year has seen a return to more normal conditions and a record financial performance,"