Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, writes more than 2K letters a year

There’s a reason why Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has called her husband, Prince Charles, a workaholic.

At a briefing on Wednesday for the annual royal financial report, it was revealed

that the Prince of Wales has written more than 2,400 letters a year – almost seven a day.

According to People magazine, many are written directly to members of the public.

The 73-year-old reportedly receives tens of thousands of missives a year.

Very often, when members of the public write to him, they may be surprised to see on

their doormat a personal letter to them from the heir to the throne," a royal source told the outlet.

"It is all about listening," the insider shared.

He says, ‘We only learn when we listen,’ and when members of the public write to him.