Prince Charles confirms Prince William will take over Duke of Cornwall role

Prince Charles on Tuesday confirmed that his son, Prince William, will take over

the Duke of Cornwall role once he becomes King, going as far as to say that he is ‘coming towards the end’, reported Newsweek.

Charles’ comments came during a garden party to mark his 70th anniversary as the Duke of Cornwall, where he said:

I have paid innumerable visits to Duchy farms which I have seen evolve over the generation.

Having started with the grandfathers 53 years ago, I am now coming towards

the end of my time with the grandsons and granddaughters,” he added.

I cannot help but feel the most overwhelming gratitude for all those

who have gone before us and whose careful and devoted stewardship

has bequeathed to us the Duchy which it has been my privilege to serve for these seventy years.