Prince Charles 'being investigated over deals with Tory peer'

Prince Charles' secretive deals with a Tory peer who spent £1.7million allegedly bailing out his failed eco-village is being probed.

The Prince of Wales isssued Lord Brownlow with an award at Buckingham Palace

after allegedly accepting millions in donations from him.

Brownlow was appointed a trustee of the Prince's Foundation nine years ago. The Office of the Scottish

Charity Regulator has launched a probe, saying: "We can confirm that the work of Havisham Group and

property transactions relating to the Knockroon development in Ayrshire

forms part of our overall investigation, work on which is ongoing.”

It is reported Charles' failed eco-village was bailed out with his help.

His firm Havisham Properties spent an alleged £1.7 million gobbling up unwanted houses after just 30 of 700 plus homes were built.