Prince Charles and Camilla's vast country mansion is their favourite retreat

While Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have a main residence in

London - Clarence House, they also have a country retreat in Gloucestershire.

Highgrove House is the location of choice for the royal couple when they don't have any official engagements in the UK capital.

Prince Charles bought the property in 1980, and he first lived there with Princess Diana

and his two sons Prince William and Prince Harry. The nine-bedroom, six-bathroom

mansion is renowned for its beautiful décor and stunning gardens, and it will hopefully be

reopened in 2022 to the public as it has remained closed due to the pandemic. In the meantime

In 1980, just before Prince Charles moved into the property, a photo of one of the living

rooms was released. It revealed a floral sofa with matching curtains, and several separate armchairs.