Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre blamed for 'touching woman without consent'

Prince Andrew sexual assault accuser Virginia Giuffre is under fire for allegedly harassing a woman.

Rina Oh, who claims to be a victim of Ms Giuffre, says that the she was "touched her without consent" in 2001.

The incident is claimed to have happened at the Manhattan townhouse of dead convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In court filings, Oh's representatives claimed: "[Oh] was surprised when she was

called to the massage room to see Epstein, and found Epstein and [Giuffre] waiting for her.

Oh told the New York Post: "I went into the massage room and [Giuffre] touched me without my consent; she sexually abused me.

"I was standing there, frozen like a deer. I did not move. I was in shock. I felt mortified and was uncomfortable."

Meanwhile, Giuffre's attorney Kat Thomas denied all allegations, noting:

"The allegations of sexual assault against Ms. Giuffre are not true."