Predictions: What Will Win the Best Musical and Best Play Tony Awards in 2022?

With the Tony Awards scheduled for June 12, our critics have been predicting the winners all week.

Finally, we arrive at the two big awards: Best Musical and Best Play. You can read their predictions

The cynical lefty living in my brain suspects that Tony voters

will vote their class and support Stefano Massini's fairytale of American entrepreneurship

But my heart is with Dominique Morisseau's incisive, timely, bittersweet ode to American workers:

It says a lot more about where we're heading than where we've been.

This is another category where there's no real suspense, and The Lehman Trilogy will rightfully take it home.

For argument's sake, I'd probably vote for Skeleton Crew

This year's choice for Best Play feels pretty clear-cut.