Piers Morgan basks in rare success of Amber Heard, Tom Cruise bashing interview

Piers Morgan interviewed actor Mickey Rourke and asked questions

about Tom Cruise, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

The interview went viral after Rourke insulted Tom Cruise and Amber Heard and sided with Johnny Depp.

He berated Tom, saying the actor has been doing the same thing for the last three decades.

Asked about Amber Heard, Mickey Rourke said he thinks the "Aquaman" actress is a gold digger.

He sympathized with Depp because he underwent the

same" and lost job over the same allegations in the past.

Piers Morgan took to Twitter and shared a link of a TMZ report which was based on his interview.

"My explosive Mickey Rourke interview still making news around the world,' he wrote on Twitter.