'Petrified' Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s private life ‘up for grabs’?

The Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tell-all has reportedly left critics waiting in

bated breath ‘over the release of a tell-all that aims to expose the couple’s entire private life.

Royal commentator Sarah Robertson issued this warning in her interview with GB News.

She started off by addressing the tell-all bombshell by notoriously’ blunt author

Tom Bower and warned “I mean, this book, there are so many more bombshells in it.”

She also pointed out how “it’s going to send total shockwaves through the Royal

Family – and also through the Sussex camp who have been dreading it.”

Especially since “Bower said: 'don’t expect to silence me' to Meghan Markle.”

“He issued that warning. And has he landed a knock-out blow on her, he really has with this.”