People Threatening To Throw Away Their Clocks After Watching Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things fans have been threatening to throw away

their grandfather clocks after watching the latest instalment of Netflix's hit sci-fi show.

Part one of the fourth season dropped on Friday, 27 May, and it appears the Duffer

brothers have well and truly stuck to their promise of it being their darkest and scariest one yet.

Alongside the terrifying new big baddie Vecna, there’s also the presence of the

grandfather clock, which we first saw ticking away ahead of the official trailer’s release.

Without giving away the identity of the supervillian, what we will say is that the antique

clock carries a sinister significance, as it appears as a vision of Vecna’s victims before their time is up, so to speak.

Now here’s where we enter spoiler territory for episode four - you have been warned.