Nick Jonas, Shakira and Liza Koshy jam together on the sets of Dancing With Myself in new VIDEO

It's all about fun on the set of Dancing With Myself.

On Tuesday, musical sensation Shakira took to Instagram and shared a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes fun the three judges of the show cook up.

Shakira posted a video of herself, Liza Koshy, and Nick Jonas gaming to the background music on set as the three pass time on their judge seats.

In the video, the trio jam to the music and hold out a wave off as

Koshy passes down a wave to Shakira who then continues the motion and gives it to Jonas.

The three judges go back and forth with their wave battle and end it as Koshy ends the video.

Shakira while posting the goofy video also added in the caption,

"Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Dancing With Myself!"

For those unversed, the new Tv show started airing on May 31 this year.