Next James Bond: Tom Hardy clings to relevance as he's overtaken by another Brit

Daniel Craig left the role of James Bond last year, and it doesn't seem like he is keen

to make any kind of return. He made sure his version of 007 could not make a

comeback at the end of No Time To Die when he was killed off.

So, in lieu of the official announcement of the next Bond - which is sure to come

within the next year - fans have looked to the Bond odds to see who could take

Craig's place. Unfortunately, Tom Hardy is having a dreadful time in the odds after slipping behind yet again.

Rumours hit in 2020 that Hardy had already been cast as Bond behind the scenes

but these reports were later debunked. Since then, he has been a favourite in the Bond odds from Ladbrokes.

However, his lead has slowly but surely slipped away. And now the betting agent has now given him 8/1 on becoming the next Bond.