New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ promo reveals new Gorr dialogue

As we approach the release of the next MCU film Thor

Love and Thunder, fans have been treated to more of the movie’s villain Gorr the Godbutcher via a new TV spot.

The footage was reshared on social media, showcasing more from Gorr as he speaks to Thor outlining his motivations.

“The world would be better without gods,” Gorr says. “You are not like the others.”

This new dialogue includes the new line “The world would be better without gods” and a slight

change from what fans heard in the trailer for the film where Gorr instead said to Thor “You are not like the other Gods I’ve killed”.

Thor responds to this the same way in this footage saying that it’s because he has something to fight for.

It is common for different promotional footage to use slightly different quotes and scenes that won’t always appear in the final cut of the film.

While we may hear more from Gorr in this new promo it doesn’t include any new footage of the antagonist or any other new looks at Thor.