New iPhone 14 case leaks support rumors of a Plus model

As we’re only a couple months away from a release of the iPhone 14,

a new leak shows that rumors of Apple adding a Plus model to the lineup could be true.

If this comes to fruition, Apple’s next lineup could include the iPhone 14, Pro, Plus, and Pro Max.

In an image tweeted by DuanRui, we see four different cases for the upcoming lineup.

DuanRui found the image of the cases from a posting on Weibo.

By viewing the image, you can see that the iPhone 14 Plus will be a larger-sized non-Pro device.

The camera bumps look very similar to the 13 lineup – however,

the Weibo user suggests the distance between the lenses is slightly larger.

With that said, the iPhone 13 cases will likely not fit the new devices.