Netflix's The Sandman Trailer: Who's Who in the DC Comics Show

On August 5 Netflix will drop the first-ever adaptation of author Neil Gaiman’s comic book magnum opus The Sandman.

t’s a road that’s been bumpy and, at least metaphorically, bloody according to the author.

The American Gods author revealed that he’s “killed off” every proposed adaptation that’s come before.

According to Gaiman, his body count has been more than worth it. Speaking on today’s Netflix Sandman Cast Panel,

the author and series producer said that the upcoming show is a culmination of 34 years of waiting to get it right.

Gaiman stated that the fans can rest assured that the time and sacrifice will be worth it:

Gaiman has been fielding offers to adapt the epic in scale Sandman saga for years,

dating back to 1991 (five years before the comic series had even ended).

According to Inqisitr, Gaiman called one 1998 screenplay for a proposed adaptation