As time passes by, Netflix’s post-apocalyptic science fiction dramas are getting more popular among the people.

The streaming platform is already making sure to make enough shows for their subscribers so that they don’t have to look to any other platform for their entertainment.

The series has been hooking up the audience with its super fascinating storyline.

Throughout the first season, the show maintained amazing content and premiere great episodes.

Created by CW, the 100 is one among their popular TV shows that has run for multiple seasons and gained massive popularity.

With the airing of the show, the series managed to make massive popularity and even gained huge respect for the worldwide audience.

Netflix has already marked the popularity of CW’s show and have been obsessing over its season.

The 100 is one among the popular hits of Netflix and has been ranked among the top 5 popular hits of the network.

With such an amazing history of the show, fans are struck with one question and that is, “Whether there will be  The 100 Season 8 or not?

The 100 is an American fictional drama show that was initially released in 2014. After the series first released its season, fans genuinely loved the overall plot of the movie.