Netflix's Resident Evil Series Gets Horrifying New Trailer

Umbrella Corporation is here to really mess up your day in this Geeked Week trailer for Resident Evil.

The time is drawing near for Resident Evil to rampage its way onto Netflix, like a T-virus zombie looking for someone to maul.

And thanks to Netflix's Geeked Week, we have a brand-new look at the series. In a surprise to nobody at all

it's filled with gore, zombies, drama, and plenty of Umbrella Corporation shenanigans.

Netflix's Resident Evil live-action series is taking an interesting approach to the franchise,

based on the long-running series of video games.

The show is actually set in two distinct time periods.

You will see what's happening in 2022, before the downfall of the world thanks to the T-virus,

s well as a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic 2036.