Net worth of Pirates of the Caribbean star

Bill Nighy – US$8 million You probably don’t recognise him in the film – and understandably so, since his face is covered in gigantic tentacles.

Ian McShane – US$10 million The classically trained British actor made his debut in showbiz back in 1962, and got famous through gigs like BBC’s Lovejoy, Deadwood and American Gods.

Javier Bardem – US$30 million Starring alongside his bombshell wife Penélope Cruz in the franchise, Bardem nabbed the role after visiting the set

Zoe Saldaña – US$35 million

Geoffrey Rush – US$40 million

Orlando Bloom – US$40 million

Stellan Skarsgård – US$50 million

Keira Knightley – US$80 million

Penélope Cruz – US$85 million

Johnny Depp – US$150 million

Chow Yun-fat – US$200 million

Keith Richards – US$500 million

Paul McCartney – US$1.2 billion