Neil Gaiman’s Books Have Enchanted Millions. Finally, Hollywood Is on Board.

It’s a spring evening, and the Miller Theater in Center City, Philadelphia, is bursting with an excited crowd.

Patrons serpentine the lobby waiting to buy presigned books by the British author Neil Gaiman.

Gaiman, whom Stephen King once heralded as a “treasure-house of story,”

had to stop live signings because readers would queue several city blocks outside his events.

During his final signing tour in 2013, as he inked his name and personal notes in

thousands of books, Gaiman took to plunging his aching arm in a bucket of ice on the advice of a physical therapist.

Tonight’s event has been billed as “An Evening With Neil Gaiman,” and it’s a reschedule from 2020,

after a plot twist worthy of one of his stories shuttered the world.

Gaiman often writes about the macabre — the coming apocalypse, journeys to Hell,