NBA Finals Browns now enduring the price of going all-in on Deshaun Watson

Less than three months ago, Jimmy and Dee Haslam, the owners of the Cleveland Browns, expressed supreme confidence in Deshaun Watson.

We are talking quarter-billion-dollar-to-Watson confidence.

We are talking about three-first-round-picks confidence.

We are talking about $55-million-salary-cap-hit confidence.

That’s a lot for a guy who sat out an entire season seeking a trade while dealing with an onslaught of sexual assault allegations.

“We are confident in Deshaun,” the Haslams said in a statement.

The root of this confidence came from what general manager Andrew Berry

described as “extensive investigative, legal and reference work” to “make an informed decision about pursuing [Watson] as our quarterback.”

It’s improbable the newspaper found all the women or all the potential stories.