Naraka Bladepoint slashes onto Xbox later this month, coming to Game Pass

The sharpest battle royale in town - Naraka Bladepoint - is coming to Xbox later this month.

Developer 24 Entertainment is bringing the sword-swinging Naraka Bladepoint to Xbox on June 23,

which will also be available via Game Pass when it launches on the console.

It also seems to be a console launch exclusive,

so presumably it will come to PlayStation at a later date.

Importantly, the game will also feature cross-play, so new Xbox players will be able to play with any PC players that already own the game.

There also seems to be a campaign mode coming to the game,

which seems to pit you against some fiery, dragon-looking humanoid, but other than that details are slim on what it might contain.

Naraka Bladepoint first launched last year, August 2021, and as noted in the trailer has amassed 10 million players.