Ms. Marvel reimagined Kamala Khan’s powers to give her stronger ties to the MCU

Disney Plus’ Ms. Marvel series is one of the MCU’s better recent entries, but Kamala Khan’s

new live-action superpowers have been a point of contention for fans of the comics who are

concerned about the show’s ability to translate the source material across mediums.

Comics Ms. Marvel’s main thing is smashing stuff with her humongous fists.

But her polymorphic “embiggening” powers are also a metaphor for the ways that Kamala,

a Muslim-American teen born to Pakistani immigrants, moves through the world,

and the creative team behind Ms. Marvel very much wanted that to be part of the show as well.

In Marvel’s comics, Kamala develops the ability to morph her body into a variety of shapes in

sizes, but in Ms. Marvel, she instead discovers that she’s capable of manifesting glowing constructs made out of hard light.