Ms. Marvel: 8 Things From AvengerCon That We Wish We Could Buy Right Now

During the premiere of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan sneaks away to AvengerCon

and is surrounded by items fans would quickly purchase if given the chance.

The first episode of Ms. Marvel is out on Disney+, introducing audiences around

the world to the eager and charismatic new hero, Kamala Khan.

The new series is just the latest in Phase Four of the MCU, and its star, Iman Vellani,

has already charmed her way into viewers’ hearts, with several fans sharing their excited reactions on Twitter.

One particularly exciting segment of this episode finds Kamala and her friend, Bruno, at AvengerCon.

Kevin Feige has already stated that this event could come to the real world,

and if so, there are several items any fan would be eager to snatch up.