Morbius gets resurrected by memes, flops on first day back in theaters

Morbius is back in theaters — despite no one even asking for it

and its unpopularity is only making itself more obvious.

The film made just $85,000 on Friday after making a return to over 1,000 theaters,

bringing its domestic cumulative to $73.6 million.

Morbius was originally released on April 1st and wasn’t the most well-received.

In The Verge’s review of the flick, our TV and film reporter

Charles Pulliam-Moore, says Morbius’ pacing, plot, and the performance of its lead actors feel “ill-conceived,” and “calls into question Sony’s grand project

of building an entire cinematic universe on Spider-Man’s back.”

Sony likely re-released the movie with the hope that renewed interest in the “it’s morbin’ time” meme