Morbius: Fans React As Jared Leto's Film Fails To Do Well At Box Office Despite Re-release

Sony and Marvel collaborated yet again to introduce fans to Jared Leto's new anti-hero character Morbius.

The film marked Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man series' spin-off and came out earlier this year.

The makers of Morbius created a massive buzz among fans with its trailer,

yet it failed to impress the masses with its plot, execution, writing, dialogues and more.

While the movie was released on April 1, 2022,

numerous fans recently began a hilarious meme fest online, that made the makers go for 1000 additional screenings.

However, as per the latest reports, the film has failed to mint good numbers again.

As per, the makers of Morbius screened the Jared Leto-starrer again in more than 1000 theatres across the US. However, the film failed to succeed yet again.

Morbius earned another $85,000 on Friday, June 3, which made its domestic collection reach $73.6 million.