Mona Lisa smeared with cake in apparent climate protest

The most famous smile in the world was briefly obscured Sunday when a man

smeared some cream cake over the Mona Lisa, in what seems to have been a climate protest.

The 16th century masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci was untouched

however, as it is protected behind bulletproof glass in the Louvre museum in Paris.

Social media quickly lit up with videos posted by tourists who were in the gallery at the time.

Visitors posted that a man disguised himself as an elderly lady in a wheelchair

presumably in order to gain access to the spot right in front of the painting reserved for the handicapped.

Then he stood up and smeared the cream cake over the glass case that protects the Renaissance painting.

As security guards pounced on him, the man, who was wearing a wig and makeup, threw red roses at their feet.