Miro Comments On Lana Possibly Joining Him In AEW

From the moment that Miro debuted in AEW, fans have been questioning

when Lana would be joining him, and the former TNT Champion told “WhatCulture Wrestling” that “you never know.”

Lana is currently “really focused” on other projects such as her popular website,

which brought in almost $20,000 worth of subscriptions in the first 24 hours alone.

She has also been working in the movie business, which has seen her star

alongside Bruce Willis in the past, and because of that, she’s “really, really busy.”

“I think me and CJ [Lana] have always been money since the beginning,” he said.

The duo always proved to be a hit during their time together in WWE,

with the partnership initially beginning in “WWE NXT” and then continuing on the main roster.