Mike Tindall reveals back story of Prince Louis’ viral photo from Platinum Jubilee

Mike Tindall recently revealed the back story of him giving the ‘I’m watching you’

gesture to Prince Louis at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant as the moment went viral on social media.

During his appearance on The Good, The Bad and the Rugby podcast, the former

rugby player spilt the beans on the viral picture as his cohost James Haskell joked

about keeping ‘the future king’s children in line’.

"Tins wears a hat, he goes up 100,000," cohost Alex Payne said before asking,

“What were you actually doing at that point, with the old [pointing at eyes gesture]?"

"I actually can't remember, I can't remember what he was doing," Mike replied. "He's such a good character he is, Louis.

"The ones who have no chance of being in the mix are always the best characters," Haskell added.