Metallica Duets With Eddie Munson On ‘Master Of Puppets’ & ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Go Wild

Metallica gave Stranger Things fans quite the post-Season 4 treat!

The iconic band shared a split-screen video on Friday July 8,

where they play a “duet” of their 1986 hit “Master of Puppets”

alongside the show’s character Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn),

who [SPOILER ALERT] shredded a guitar solo of the tune to distract monsters away from his friends in the season finale.

If that wasn’t enough for stans to collectively lose their minds online,

the four members of Metallica sport “HellFire Club” t-shirts in a nod to Eddie’s Dungeons & Dragons squad!

In the one-minute clip, the band members start off by miming the song, as the right

side of the video shows Eddie and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) kicking off their plan to rock out in hopes of keeping the crew alive.