Meghan, Prince Harry’s Oprah sighting has Royal Firm doing ‘damage control’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were recently spotted visiting Oprah Winfrey,

prompting the royal family to kick off ‘damage control’ according to a royal expert.

columnist Elser claimed that the royal family may be worried about Harry and Meghan’s

next move as news of them visiting Oprah in recent weeks went viral last week.

As per Elser, soon after the Sussex’s sighting with Oprah, the royal firm seemed to

attempt ‘damage control’ with a story about how Prince Charles had an

‘emotional’ meeting with his granddaughter Lilibet. She also highlighted how a

new Clarence House report lauded Prince Harry for becoming financially independent.

Elser wrote: “It’s hard not to wonder if this damage control is too little too late.”