Meghan Markle ‘ran like lightning’ to marry Prince Harry

Meghan Markle reportedly ‘moved at the speed of lightening’ to marry Prince Harry.

According to Express UK, this revelation has been made by royal commentator Ingrid Seward.

She started by pointing out how the couple’s “whirlwind courtship” left Prince

Harry utterly “mesmerized” and had him doting on her, night and day.

So much so that Ms. Seward believes it bordered near an “obsession” that

cemented itself within four months of meeting her.

Not long after Prince Harry ended up being “dragged around like a royal performing seal” in Ms. Seward’s eyes.

All this ended up prompting a fast marriage where Meghan Markle reportedly

moved at the speed of lightning” to wed Prince Harry shortly after their engagement in May of 2018.