'Meghan Markle and Prince Harry terrified of Tom Bower's book'

Tom Bower's book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors will be released on July 21.

According to reports, the Meghan and Harry biography contains accounts from "insiders who have never spoken before.

In media interviews, the author said Meghan "trampled on all those others on the way" and added that:

"The victims are keen to talk and they have spoken."

Publicity material reads: "Tom Bower, Britain's leading investigative biographer,

unpicks the tangled web surrounding the Sussexes and their relationship with the royal family.

From courtroom dramas to courtier politics, using extensive research,

expert sourcing and interviews from insiders who have never spoken before,

this book uncovers an astonishing story of love, betrayal, secrets and revenge."